Sika began developing the first admixtures for cementitious mixes in 1910, the year of the company’s foundation. Ever since the company was founded, Sika has always been involved where cement, aggregates, sand and water are made into mortar or concrete – as a reliable partner for economic construcion of durable structures. Sika’s solutions for concrete producers need cost-optimized solutions adapted to the cement and the application. These solutions must be adjusted individually in ready-mix concrete works, on construction sites or in concrete element precast factories.

In this BU, Sika Concrete offers a wide range of Concrete Admixtures such as High Range Water Reducer (HRWR), Plasticizers, Waterproofers, Air Entrainers, Retarders, Pumping Aids, Corrosion Inhibitors as well as Shrinking Reducers and Supporting Products. One further focus are Shotcrete Admixtures for wet and dry application such as High Range Water Reducers, Accelerators, Rebound Reducers and additional system compounds as well as ready to use gunite mortars.

Within this Business Unit product families like ViscoCrete, Sikament, Sigunit, SikaRapid or specialities like SikaControl or Sika FerroGard are managed and further enhanced. The products of the BU Concrete differ quite substantially from other products: concrete admixtures account only very little for the construction material concrete. A final product isn’t processed; rather the right concrete components are mixed in the concrete factory or on-site. And thirdly, once the concrete is cured, one does not see these products but their effect can certainly be grasped. The task of the BU Concrete is to understand the complex interaction between local components (sand and gravel), regionally produced binders (cement and admixtures), existing water and the concrete produced through admixtures. Training and provision of information throughout the world are further areas of performance. Each concrete basically is an "invention". That’s why Sika and Corporate R&D enhance the continuous development of new und cost-efficient polymers – the basis for highly individual products used and mixed on-site. More than ¾ of our products are used for increased quality of the concrete.

Key Project Management (KPM) 
The BU Concrete supports important construction projects throughout the world. Major projects are mostly fostered by major international clients, who cooperate for a predefined period. The support of these clients is a key task of the Corporate Key Project Management

Key Account Management – Main Contractors
Building companies for Sika are crucial partners and clients. We are proud to cooperate with many of the biggest and renowned companies in the world. International activities play an important role and demand a high level of coordination. On corporate level the BU Concrete supports the work of respective Sika subsidiaries. Main tasks of the "Corporate Key Account Management - Main Contractors" encompass:

  • Liaison with the headquarters of international key client
  • Support of the building company within the tender and planning procedure of international projects
  • Procurement of business relationships between the international client and the local Sika subsidiary
  • Project supervision and support of the Sika project management

All those activities are closely linked to the Sika Key Project Management – joint forces are the basis for enhanced success.

Key Account Management (KAM) – Concrete Producer
The BU Concrete handles to a large extent key accounts for big international cement and concrete producers. A culture of change is a characteristic of our global clients. That’s why they expect their market partners to perform and act against the background of an ever-changing and fast-paced environment.