Along with rapid economic development, China frequently sees smog in many cities. Due to its unique geographical location surrounded by mountains to the west and north and its climate, Beijing suffers from severe smog. The heavy smog blots out the sun and forces residents inside. The schools have to cancel outdoor activities to protect students’ health and safety in smog days.


The International School of Beijing is the largest international school in the capital and is aimed at the sons and daughters of foreign nationals working in Beijing. It now has over 1,900 students from over 50 countries. The school boasts first-class facilities and quality of education.


“Safety” is one of the school philosophies, says its headmaster Doctor Tarek Razik. In order that the students can play and exercise year-round, regardless of how smoggy life is outside, the school decided to construct two domes that enclose the entirety of its outdoor areas.


There is a central control system in the dome to monitor the indoor air quality and can regulate the air by removing the polluted air and replacing it with filtered clean air. Compared with ordinary buildings, the enclosed dome structure is both low cost and requires a short period of construction, both factors which were taken into consideration.


The sports floor is another main part in the dome. Many local and foreign flooring suppliers attended the product demonstration convened by the school, including Sika’s Descol sports wooden flooring, European branded sports PVC flooring and various types of rubber and PU flooring.


We highlighted three advantages of Sika Descol’s sports flooring during our product introduction:


Multifunctionality: Sika Descol Pulastic sports flooring is characterized by point elasticity (each point can offer continuous elasticity thanks to the rubber shock pad underneath), so even a small force can cause an immediate rebound reaction so as to protect users. It is suitable for use in sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, handball, tennis, indoor football as well as other activities such as dance and judo, without limits on the kind of suitable activities. In addition, thanks to its fabulous surface properties (such as wear-resistance, pressure-resistance, tear-proof, scorch-proof, anti-UV, non-thermal expansion or contraction and soak-resistance among others), it can also serve many other purposes such as use as a ballroom, exhibition hall or restaurant.


Environmental protection: Pulastic is made from polyurethanes. Unlike the low-end polyurethanes materials, Pulastic contains no methylbenzene and is liquid-based, which means there is no smell once the material has cured. Moreover, based on the test results of the German LGA laboratory, its VOA emission content is only one tenth of the prescribed standard. The product contains no heavy metal elements like lead, chrome, and cadmium, and no formaldehyde or chlorine. It is very safe for indoor use.


Low cost of maintenance, wear-resistance, and long life: Pulastic sports flooring can be cleaned by water. To maintain performance and appearance, no frequent waxing is required like for wooden or PVC floors. All that is required is mechanical buffing every half year. Moreover, it can be renovated on surface at a low cost. After having served for 20 years, the floor can be used for another several decades once renovated. The floor, installed in the sports centre at HoeveLaKen College in the Netherlands in 1972, has been in user for another 16 years following its renovation, giving a total life to date of 42 years! The slogan of Pulastic is that Pulastic lives as long as the sports centre: so long as the building stands, the flooring need never be changed.


Based on the excellent performance of our products, brand image of Sika, industry influence and good reputation of Descol Pulastic in the industry, in being awarded the project, we beat our strongest competitor to win the project.


It has been almost two years since the flooring was installed and the centre was divided into sections for different uses so that the centre can serve multiple purposes, which was also the goal of the design. From everyday use and operation we have received feedback that Sika / Pulastic is a perfect multifunctional sports flooring!