On October 18, Sika Library Project 2019 came to a
successful conclusion with a donation ceremony held at Songying Primary School,
Huoqiu County, Anhui. In this Library Project, Sika China remodeled the
libraries of Qinzui Primary School, Shuangmen Primary School, Sixu Primary School,
Songying Primary School, and Wangying Primary School, and donated 13,800 new
books to 13 schools, benefiting as many as 2,305 teachers and students.


This year, the fifth year Sika joined the Library
Project, Sika China continued to renovate the school reading rooms in undeveloped
areas in China and donated books to them. The Library Project kicked off in
July, and renovation plan was formulated in the same month. Customized
production and flooring installation began in August, and the libraries were
equipped with facilities and books in September. Finally, the donation ceremony
were held in October. Thanks to coordination and cooperation among the various departments
at Sika China, the three-month charity project was completed. This autumn, in
October, Sika’s management and volunteer representatives gathered at the
schools that received the donations to spread compassion and kindness.


In mid-October, more than ten volunteers dressed in
yellow from Sika China and Sika Building Finishing went to Huoqiu County,
Anhui. Divided into four teams, they visited schools where they helped tidy up
book shelves and decorate libraries. After class, the children watched them
outside the libraries through the windows and immediately made friends with the


At 1 pm on October 18, the donation ceremony of the
project was held at Songying Primary School. Participants included Sika
management team, TLP founder Thomas Stader, TLP team, Hua Zhongxu(Deputy Secretary
of Huoqiu Youth League Committee), Fan Guoyu(Secretary of Huoqiu Education
Youth League Committee), Liu Qingming(Principal of Fengjing Town Central School
of Huoqiu County) and Fan Chuanxin(Secretary of the Youth League Committee of
Fengjing Town). At the plaque presentation ceremony, the students of Songying Primary
School presented impressive performances to welcome and thank the guests who
have come from afar.


In the library interaction session that followed, Sika management played
games and interacted with the students, leaving them with wonderful memories.

In addition to renovating libraries and donating
books, Sika Library Project 2019 also funded the a two-day training course on reading
skills to the teachers of these schools. At this reading research and study
camp, 159 teachers from 63 schools across Anhui Province received systematic
training on classroom reading for children that included basic theories and
practice. It is hoped that efforts to encourage students to read may be adapted
to local conditions and promoted so that the benefits of the Library Project
may be maximized.

We believe that a seed, no matter how tiny, can
sprout. Over the last five years, Sika Library Project has seen Sika volunteers
travel to undeveloped areas in Chongqing, Sichuan, Hebei, Jiangxi, and Anhui
and has donated libraries and reading corners to 86 elementary schools,
totaling 81,400 books, and offering 19,605 students a cozier and safer learning


Advance with love in the name of books. We hope
that the sparks we left in children can make their lives brighter.