In the downturn market 2016, Flooring & Coating team achieved RMB350 mio gross sales, retaining No. 1 local flooring market share in 5 consecutive years.

In the past over 20 years, Sika flooring & coating(F&C) business has grown into a local industry leader and innovator thanks to Sika’s lasting technological strength, high-quality products, advanced business model and excellent service. F&C team always make great effort to provide tailored system solution to end users and continuously expand application area of its products. In the 7 segment markets of automotive, electronics, logistics, pharmaceuticals, food, commercial buildings and protection coating, Sika China F&C plays active roles in writing industry regulation & standard, which contributes to environmental protection orientation. 


In the downturn market 2016, F&C team achieved RMB350 mio gross sales, retaining No. 1 local flooring market share in 5 consecutive years. The creative Sikafloor 4.0 concept has opened up “blue sea” to increase market share by transforming from product-driven solution to market-driven solution. Sika adopts segmented market strategy to benefit partners in profit, and aims to become customers’ best system provider and most reliable partner in cooperation.


With capable and passionate team members, clear strategy and vision, appropriate market orientation and advanced business concept, Sika F&C has achieved gross sales growth from RMB100 mio(1996-2009) to RMB200 mio(2010-2013), and then to RMB350 mio(2014-2016). The creative top market design concept has shortened 100 mio growth period from original 14 years to current 3 years. To mark the milestone of RMB350 mio, a celebration party is arranged in Suzhou Ligong Causeway, Dec.15, 2016. Sika China President Mr. Mike Campion attends the party and highly appreciates F&C’s contribution and teamwork spirit. Vice president and F&C leader, Mr. Leo Zhang delivers a brief speech to summarize successful experience and introduces new year’s plan.


As Sika China mainstay, F&C team will continuously uphold creative and professional spirit in providing tailored flooring system solution to customers and partners with its 4 local production sites and 8 sales groups. 


Founded in 1910 Switzerland, Sika is now a global company specializing in specialty chemicals and application technology. In the field of building, construction and manufacturing industry, Sika is a leader in processing materials used in sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting load-bearing structures. A total of 170 production and marketing subsidiary companies in 93 countries are closely linking customers with Sika. 


Based in Suzhou Industrial Park, the regional headquarter of Sika China runs 10 production factories and marketing & sales network throughout China. Depending on excellent quality and diversified products, Sika China provides customer with all around solutions as well as strong technical support.