October 2017 witnessed Sika’s Library Project involvement continue on schedule. This marks the 3rd year of Sika China’s cooperation with the China Population Welfare Foundation·The Library Project. 

The reading room uses the anti-slip, abrasion resistant epoxy Sikafloor® system

Sika’s Volunteers came from various location to Shaanxi Province. The Qin Mountain range in Shaanxi is a complex landform with steep-sided valleys. Both its scenic beauty and hazardous road conditions are exceptional. Collapsed roads and landslides meet with terraced fields and winding rivers. However, yearning children and their happy laughter make the hard work and journey all worthwhile. It’s not easy for children living in mountains to go to school. Some children cannot take lunch until 3pm since their home is far from school, but they do not give up. Study might be the only chance for them to change their future.

Leo Zhang, President of Sika China, at the library donation ceremony at Shangba Primary School in Shaanxi Province

Mr. Leo Zhang as Sika China President, hosted the donation ceremony for the reading
room at Shangba Primary School in Hongchun, Ziyang County, on behalf of Sika. The Sika team of volunteers then played with students and the students expressed their gratitude through a performance show entitled “The Proud Little Frog”. Mr. Fang Shifan, Secretary of the Ziyang Youth League Committee attended the whole event and also expressed his gratitude. Mr. Frank Huang, VP and HR Director of Sika China expressed that Sika hopes the Library Project will help more children living in the mountains to learn about the world and improve their futures.

Shangba Primary School is one of 20 schools to have received donations. It has more than 300 students. Sika volunteers made friends and played with the primary school students and the students enacted a performance to express their gratitude. Many students are left-behind at home without their parents. We hope that the reading room can add joy to their childhood. 


Whilst city children are getting used to reading via their Kindle, or can spend a whole day at the library at the weekend, many children in poor rural areas rarely get hold of children’s books. Although these children are no longer wearing ragged clothes, reading materials, particularly extra-curricular books, also a must for good child development, are neglected. The purpose of the Library Project therefore, is to cultivate extensive reading habits for these children, giving them a window to
the world around.

Since 2015 when Sika China joined theLibrary project, it has, through a series of promotions, led its staff, partners and followers to participate. Continuous efforts during these 3 years have enabled the project to set up 61 reading rooms and benefit over 9000 students. Through these efforts, we have seen first-hand the transformation brought about by the provision of library resources to children living in mountain communities. Sika is always dedicated to the course of social responsibility.