Sika Solutions for Protective Coating

  • Fire Protection

    Fire Protection

    Steel structures, timber elements, or concrete components - Sika Unitherm and Sikacrete delivers reliable structural fire protection according to national and international standards up to fire-resistance R180.
    Intensive research and development promoted the fire protection portfolio to the high level of performance that the name Sika stands for.
    Whether water based, solvent-based or solvent-free products, fire protection products are offered from a single source - Sika.

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  • Corrosion Protection

    Corrosion Protection

    Protective industrial coatings are a must for metal used in commercial and industrial applications, such as: steel bridges, pipelines, construction equipment, chemical plants and machinery on manufacturing floors. The two most common forms of industrial coatings are polyurethane and epoxy coatings.

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  • Water Treatment

    Water Treatment

    Sika has a 60-year history in the field of water treatment and protection, which can be used for the protection of concrete pools, water tanks and steel structures of municipal water supply and drainage facilities. Sika products have been globally certified by many related authorities and authoritative testing institutes.

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