Solutions for Facade, Fenestration & Insulating-Glass

  • Facades


    A curtain wall facade is a lightweight multifunctional building envelope made of glass (single- or multi-pane units), metal, stone or composite panels. These panels are fixed to a metal sub-frame, either with pressure plates (capped systems) or bonded with silicone adhesive sealants (structural glazing). This system is mechanically fixed to the main building structure. Curtain wall facades are the state-of the-art technology for high-rise buildings.

    Solution for Facades
  • Insulating Glass

    Insulating Glass

    Sika offers a complete product range for IG edge sealing. Argon-filled IG units with the UV resistant silicone edge seal Sikasil IG is suitable for structurally glazed facades. For air-filled IG units Sikasil IG is also applicable. SikaGlaze IG is mainly used in IG units for structurally bonded windows.

    Solution for Insulating Glass
  • Water / Vapour Proofing

    Water / Vapour Proofing

    Depending on the climatic conditions both wet sealants (Sikaflex PU or Sikasil silicone) or Sika Membrane Systems can be used for movement/connection joints and perimeter sealing around the window frames. SikaMembran Systems are high-quality systems with optimized water/vapour diffusion resistance levels.

    Solution for Water / Vapour Proofing
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